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OFTEC Boiler Service and Tank Health Check

Take care of your heating system

Take care of your heating system…

Boiler Service and Tank Health Check

An annual OFTEC Boiler Service and Tank Health Check check is more important than you might think! A well-maintained oil boiler central heating system will save you money in the long run and keep you and your family safe.

Craggs Energy has been delivering Heating Oil to homes and farms across Lancashire and Yorkshire for over 13 years. As your experienced fuel supplier, our OFTEC registered heating engineers have serviced and repaired hundreds of new oil boilers and heating oil tanks for our customers.

A recent survey conducted with boiler customers reveals 100% satisfaction with the quality of the service. All of those surveyed rate our engineer as extremely helpful and 100% would recommend Craggs Energy to their family and friends.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Got our heating up and running despite two failed attempts from another company. Also gave us open and impartial advice about the contamination we have in our tank and its replacement.”

“My boiler is now fixed and working perfectly. I can’t praise Craggs Energy enough.”

“The result was a working boiler & heating system within the hour, what a delightful young man Neil is.”

“The engineer is extremely polite and accommodating and left the job spotless.”

A Craggs Energy OFTEC Boiler Service involves:

  • Baffles cleaned every service
  • Heating quality check
  • Fuel tank check
  • Servicing free callout
  • No travel fee
  • OFTEC accredited technician
  • Reliable, quality service
  • Full system safety check
Craggs Energy oil boiler service technician Neil servicing an oil boiler outside with tools.

Why should you carry out an annual service?

1. Saves you money on fuel

Checking and cleaning the nozzle, baffles, heat exchangers and the quality of the fuel means that your boiler can run efficiently so you burn less fuel.

2. Makes your boiler last longer

A clean and efficient burn reduces the overall load on the boiler which increases its lifetime.

3. Keeps you safe

To avoid carbon monoxide exposure, it is absolutely essential that your appliance is installed correctly and then checked and serviced at least annually by a suitably qualified heating technician. Read more about carbon monoxide safety on the OFTEC website.

Book your annual boiler service for £139 today

Call our team on 0345 646 1777 or email to book a Craggs Energy Boiler Service and Tank Health Check.

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